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Carpet FAQs

Carpet is a very difficult product for a customer to know quality because of Fibre, Stain Resistance and Textures. Scotts Flooring finds out what area you are placing this carpet and what your expectations for this area with your flooring selection. We will help you and suggest what is best for that area. Experienced carpet installers are a dying breed and our installers have been installing for over 20 years!
Carpet has a lot of positives to it! Comfort, Warmth, Sound Reduction, and more!
Carpet surprisingly is better for your allergies than hardsurface. The reason for this is with a proper vacuum, good suction and or hepa filter, you can eliminate allergens trapped in the carpet. Walking on hardsurface stirs the dust up into the air. People that are allergic to dust should look to purchase carpet over hardsurface for that reason.
Carpet reduces noise levels significantly in the room it is installed and also below. Carpet cushion comes in different thicknesses and weight to assist this too.
Carpet has changed over the years. There is patented stain resistance (R2X by Shaw) our #1 choice. More introductions also are fiber types, textures, colours and patterns and better wearing selections.
Scotts Flooring has seen a little change over the last few years that customers are liking to put carpeting back into their bedrooms. When we asked why, 9 out of 10 times it was for Comfort and Warmth.
Style, Colour, Fibre, Wear, and Cost.
Carpet installations is a very unique trade. We have never really seen a DIY successful install. Its best to hire a skilled and reputable company like Scotts Flooring, who can install to manufacturers' specs so that your warranty is valid.

As for old carpet, we will dispose and/or take to a recycle facility. We will determine if there will be a charge for disposal at time of estimate.
To keep your carpet looking to for years to come, we recommend frequent vacuuming and hot extraction cleaning. With Shaw's R2X, cleaning will not eliminate your protection no matter how many times you clean.